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Laine Crosby, Investigative Medium and New York Times Best Selling Author:

   Stormcrow (Maggie) is a gifted shaman, and I am grateful to know her and have benefitted from her expertise.
   When we have illnesses in life, both physical and emotional, there is always a spiritual connection. We are far more than our physical bodies, but our bodies reflect what we are going through emotionally. In addition, when we go through traumatic life events, sometimes we disassociate to keep from feeling the intensity of the situation. When this happens, part of our soul can disconnect to keep us from the pain. Most of the time, people never understand what has happened. And sometimes, people have years of therapy, never understanding what has happened on a spiritual level, or the spiritual healing that must occur.
   I have personally seen Maggie journey to find the underlying spiritual causes of the pain for myself and others, and then heal the soul. To do this, she only asks for a first name, and no other information. Then on her own time, she will work with her guides in spirit to travel in the spiritual realm to assess what has happened. She can see important life events, energy that needs to be cleared, and when and where parts of the soul may have disassociated from the whole.
   After her journeys, Maggie meets over Zoom to explain what she has been shown, whom she has met, and her actions during the journey. Then she will perform a ceremony to reintegrate all of the soul. As a medium, I have had a number of clients who have needs that are not within the scope of what I can do, but Maggie has been able to help. I have seen her journey to help clear the dark, energy of depression caused by pain and suffering, anxiety, death, and even assault. She is able to see what the cause may be, remove the energy, and reunite parts of the soul so the person can heal.
   Maggie journeyed several times for me personally before she knew anything about me or my family. Even as a psychic myself, I was stunned at the precision of detailed information she discovered about me and my family and experiences I have had over the span of my life. She was able to do the soul retrievals I had attempted over the years but was unable to do myself. And, without knowing, she confirmed the events which caused parts of my soul to disassociate. And thankfully, she easily got rid of a negative entity that kept coming back to bother me since I performed an exorcism and house cleansing. Like her Grandmother and Mother, Maggie has been born with this incredible ability, and she has worked with shamans all over the world to develop it so she can help others. In essence, she is a teacher of teachers. Because she has helped me personally, I am able to do the work I do to help others. And I am more grounded, happier, and confident. Maggie has taught me about other realms, and I feel comfortable knowing that if I need spiritual help, I’m not on my own. My guides brought Maggie into my life for a reason, and I am very thankful.

Grateful client:

Thank you again for the incredible “ meeting” we had. It was far beyond anything I expected…. Actually, I tried not to have any expectations but was blown away. I have had readings and healings before and I guess they did what they needed to do but not with the depth and thoroughness as with you! You touched on things that nobody ever has, you gave me insight and clarity on so many things. I came to you thinking the best, most productive part of my life was lost, over, wasted…, you restored hope that there is still meaning still a chance. I’ve kept myself hidden away for years. Ashamed, beat down and broken. I now feel I have another opportunity to turn things around. I just listened to the recording and I know I must listen to is over and over to get all I can from it. I am still processing everything. I know over time, more will be revealed. You put me at ease and you are truly a blessing to this world. My words cannot come close to expressing the gratitude I have for what you’ve done for me! 

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