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I am a natural Shaman, of Celtic heritage, living in Newfoundland, Canada.

Over 20 years of shamanic healing experience.   


With your permission, I conduct a preliminary diagnostic journey to see how I may be of service.

If I can intervene on your behalf, I will book a working appointment. I can conduct online distance healing.
My approaches include soul retrieval, extraction, power retrieval, drum doctoring, psychopomp and
energy transmutation.  I am also an accredited Shamanic Counselor.  I have advanced training with Shaman Martin Duffy at the Irish Center for Shamanic Studies, Shaman Twobirds, Anam Cara, Inverness Scotland and individual training under the tutelage of the late Shaman Jeannette McCullough.

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How I Can Help You

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Individual consultations begin with a distance exploratory journey which provides information about how to best support your health and well-being. If Shamanic intervention is advised, we can arrange an appointment. I create a safe environment for our work together and am happy to answer any questions. Each session is tailored specifically for individual needs and can include Shamanic soul/power retrieval, extraction, and drum doctoring.   

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