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I am a Shamanic practitioner and counselor of Celtic heritage, and over the years I have used my abilities to help people from all walks of life and from many places around the world. My journey towards developing my abilities as a Shamanic Practitioner has not been easy but I am grateful for the experiences. In my 20s and early 30s I served with the Canadian military and later earned a Ph.D. in art history and visual culture at Queen’s University. Presently, I enjoy teaching at Grenfell Campus
Memorial University in Newfoundland, Canada.

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My Story

When we have illnesses in life, both physical and emotional, there is always a spiritual connection. When we go through traumatic life events, sometimes we disassociate to keep from feeling the intensity of the situation. Most of the time, people never understand what has happened and after years of therapy are not able to access that loss on a spiritual level and so do not always receive the spiritual healing that must also occur. People come to me because despite their efforts to recover they are still in pain – they are dealing with life situations that have become unmanageable sometimes resulting in coping responses such as depression, fear and addiction.

I can support healing by bringing the soul closer to its natural wholistic state of being. I specialize in soul retrievals, extractions, energy transmigration, power animal, object and symbol retrievals. My work as a Shamanic counselor offers insights into important aspects of life experiences that may prevent us from moving forward in a healthy and more fulfilling way. My work is precise, evidentiary and specifically focused to individual needs and as a result, each person’s response to a Shamanic intervention will be unique in nature. Some healings are profound and appear instantaneous while others are more subtle and will take place over time – regardless of how the transformation happens lives are enriched. In my experience, every individual will benefit in some way and will learn, grow, and heal in ways that best support their life path. Another element of Shamanic healing is that it is generational supporting healing for ancestors and for descendants.

My connection with spirit and later spirit guides has been part of my everyday life since childhood – it is part of my family heritage and experience. My family, of Celtic heritage, were not familiar with the term “Shaman” yet my grandmother and mother traveled out of their physical bodies as a way to access information to support healing for others. I also have the ability to journey on behalf of others.
Connection with the spiritual realms and with nature have a long history in Celtic Shamanism and my
abilities demonstrate characteristics of shamanic work. I was fortunate to find the wisdom and support of late Shamanic Practitioner Jeannette McCullough who recognized my abilities as Shamanic in nature and offered training. I continue to build on my knowledge of Shamanism by working with Celtic Shamanic Practitioner Martin Duffy, Irish Center for Shamanic Studies and currently with Twobirds Cunningham, Anam Cara, Inverness Scotland. 

Visit here to learn more about how we can work together. I look forward to hearing from you!


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