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Welcome to a better, more centered you! You have taken the first step in your spiritual healing.

Who Am I?

My name is Maggie Atkinson and I am a professor of Art History at Grenfell Campus, Memorial University in Newfoundland, Canada. I am also a Shaman and I have trained under Shaman Martin Duffy at the Irish Center for Celtic Shamanic Studies, Shaman Twobirds Cunningham, Inverness, Scotland and the late Shaman and healer, Jeannette McCullough. 

How I Work

Shamans can offer healing in many ways, some work to heal the physical body, while others like myself, focus on healing the soul. Whenever we have physical ailments in life, there is always a spiritual reason. If we can heal the spirit, we can heal ourselves. To do this, I begin by traveling to the spirit realms, Shaman’s call this “journeying”.

Soul Retrieval

In my journeys, I travel with my guides into many spiritual realms where I meet and speak with your guides, your higher consciousness, and your family members including your ancestors. They show me important events in your life that have contributed to your soul loss, leaving you vulnerable with the potential to harm your emotional, physical and spiritual health. My guides help to secure your ability to heal by revealing and removing energy that no longer serves your highest purpose.


What can cause Soul loss?

Traumatic events such as medical interventions, accidents, and abusive relationships often cause soul loss, which can result in physical, emotional, and spiritual illnesses. Soul loss decreases our ability to maintain a healthy balance in life—particularly during stressful times. Devastating consequences of soul loss include chronic depression, anger, self-loathing, apathy, substance abuse and toxic relationships. We can also lose our sense of purpose, self-confidence, and the peace and joy that we deserve in our day-to-day life. Eventually, this makes us vulnerable to negative energy and attachments, which result in, further ongoing distress. 



Sometimes, when we are in a vulnerable state, we can attract less healthy energy into our lives. My guides will show them to me and we work together to remove unhealthy energy and attachments. Sometimes, spirits who have passed from the body become stuck in our homes or entangled in our auras without realizing it. This can cause difficulty because different energies become entwined causing confusion that can result in physical discomfort such as headaches and emotional difficulties such as depression. I am able to see these souls and make them aware of their circumstances before guiding them to where they can be safe and happy.


My Process

When I work on your behalf, I feel it is necessary to take two journeys, usually a week apart. I do this on my own in the weeks before we meet and I translate my experiences into writing so that I can share them with you. Much of the work I do to help you starts before we meet face-to-face.

The First Journey

In this process, your recovery begins with my first journey for you. These journeys also nurture healing for your ancestors and for your descendants. Because when you make a choice to begin to heal it opens up amazing potential and possibilities for healing to take place throughout your family lineage.  We each enjoy the gift of free will and can choose to work with the helping spirits who are always in support of our highest good. By taking control of your life, you secure access to the best possible outcome, and you initiate a vital step in the path towards restoration of wellness for your whole family—in the physical and spiritual worlds.


The Second Journey

The second journey is a continuation of the first journey, giving me more time to travel in the spiritual realms with my guides to help you even further. Your healing process, which began in the first journey, continues through the second journey. Healing progresses through our subsequent conversations and culminates in our final sacred ceremony, which takes place during our face-to-face meeting.

Our Meeting

After the second journey, we meet for up to two hours to talk about what I have done in the two journeys to help you. I may have information from your ancestors, I will be able to tell you what guidance your higher self has provided about things that have happened in your childhood, and sometimes in your past lives, which have contributed, to current upsetting issues. My guides will also show me traumas and events you have experienced, and sometimes have forgotten, that have caused soul loss.

We will then have a sacred ceremony where soul reintegration will take place. During this drumming ritual, you can accept back the parts of your soul that have separated. By doing this, you will participate in the re-integration of your soul parts and with that choice recover the wisdom and joy, they bring with them. Be assured that transformation will continue to take place over time and that your life will change!


Responses from clients vary from astonishment at an instantaneous recovery to a quieter response to a more tempered integration that takes place over time. The spirits will provide the best possible outcome for each individual. Often, major—and almost instantaneous—shifts will take place. For some clients, these have included a change of address, transformations at work and/or disintegration of relationships that no longer serve their highest good. Sometimes integration takes place so gradually that they barely notice the changes until they wake up one day to the realization that their life has transformed.

The spirits also provide curative remedies and suggestions with the aim to enable your ability to live a happier more peaceful and successful life.  Clients often tell me they are excited to experience renewed interest in their everyday lives. They report that they feel more secure, grounded, satisfied with life; they have found the peace and joy that had previously eluded them.

No matter the course, your journey takes—the results can be profound.  Spirits provide crucial insight and clarity about the events that led to your soul loss. They also provide information that can restore your confidence and with it, your ability to heal. I love doing what I do because I see a renewed joy and self-confidence in my clients who are so happy with their new lease on life

Thank you!

If you have any questions, please feel free to write to me. My email is

For any other information about my work you can find me on my website




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